Each imp pack will come with a piece of the story. After 1000 imps are sold, the project will go into the second phase.

After the story and the NFT collection of dwarves are finished, we are planning to prepare our infrastructure for Candy Machine and present the Gods of Duergar to you in a boxed form.

We are planning to make a game based on the story and the characters after all of the collections are sold. We will provide more information on this soon…

We will have an exclusive club for the World of Duergar community after the launch of the Imps. There will be events, discussions, giveaways, community voting and much more but what we primarily want to achieve is to create a place that feels like a safehouse!  So reach out to us through our website or twitter once you get your hands on the Imps so that we can guide you with the process.

The second phase will focus on Dwarves of Duergar and their lives before the apocalypse. The packaging system and story flow will be the same as before.

The next part of our story will tell about the tough battle for Duergar, and our story will end with the last collection; Enemies of Duergar.